Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sweet Tooth

I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but since I've cut back on sugar (kids, I used to have a ridiculous sweet tooth, which probably, well most likely greatly contributed to my weight gain) I've had an increased interest in sweet smelling shower gels and bubble baths... weird huh?

Especially considering that Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar still makes me barf a little. I like food. I usually don't like smelling like it. Especially any lotion or potion that smells like vanilla or chocolate... maybe because they are normally too cloying?

But when doing a little last minute shopping new years eve (pre-birthday, whoop whoop!) I got a sample of something truly yummy for my birthday. Behold : Sephora Vanilla Cupcake Body Wash

Now I'm not quite sure I would dive into the whole vanilla cupcake set, but it sure is nice after a hard workout to get a treat like this =)

Speaking of hard workouts...I slept in this morning. Usually I'm up around 5:30 to be by the gym by 6 a.m. I stayed up late last night and just couldn't will myself out of bed..

So after work, I sucked it up, stopped by home to change clothes and headed to the gym. I could feel the boredom before I hopped on the bike, so I would need to switch it up to get a good workout.

Today's workout consisted of 15 minutes on the stationary bike (hills). I'm becoming a fan of the bike! My first day back in the gym I thought I was going to meet my maker on it, but it has slowly been growing on me. However, I can't say the same for the next 15 minutes of my workout... the stair stepper..

I am convinced that that piece of equipment was created to torture. By the 5th minute, I could feel my heart beating in my teeth. My teeth, y' was something crazy!

Around the 15th minute, I was not only proud of myself, all sweaty and breathless, but I was craving more! Maybe I'll hop on tomorrow as well..

The last 30 minutes was hills on the elliptical...something I've stayed away from until now, but it wasn't half bad =) Needless to say, I came home and had a nice hot shower with my new favorite body wash.

Dinner was a turkey burger with barbecue sauce and a side of grilled zucchini and red pepper. I tried to keep it light since I got back from the gym so late.

I'm getting soo sleepy as I write this, so I'll have to update tomorrow. Night!

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Anonymous said...

the stair stepper kicks my booty every time!!!!
but let me tell you this...
vanilla cupcake body wash from sephora is amazing :) i can never get enough of it, i got it as a gift once, and it will always be my favorite body wash. i'm obsessed with vanilla smelling things, especially candles. way go get yourself to the gym though when you didn't feel like it! thats always the toughest.